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Shamira: A Professional and Accommodating Stylist Delivering Wonderful Haircut Experiences

June 26, 2023

Had such a wonderful experience when I was here. Shamira was very detailed & her professionalism in her work is perfect. Got my haircut just as I wanted to & shes very accomodating. She even gave recommendations on what hair styles goes well for me and that is something I really appreciate considering I am not too fond on how to style when it comes to hair. Well done Shamira! Will definitely come by again.

Mohammad Farhan

Delighted and Dedicated: Shamira at Sultans Novena Branch Delivers Fantastic Haircut Experiences

June 26, 2023

Have been frequenting Sultans regularly for awhile now and was really delighted that they decided to open a branch at Novena. My haircut experience has always been fantastic, especially with my barber Shamira. She gets what I am looking out for and is highly skilled at delivering on the job

Wen Nan Tan

Friendly and professional barber service

October 31, 2022

Have visited the SoS Duxton branch twice now. And they have won me over with their friendly and professional barber service. Prices are more expensive than your regular neighbourhood salon but the the quality of cut and experience they offer you is definitely a notch above the rest. Well worth it. Lastly, the rotating barber chairs to wash your hair out means you dont need to get up and walk. Book an appointment with them! All 4 branches are highly recommended as evident by the high reviews on their FB page

Manfred Low

Amazing skills !!

October 31, 2022

Ebel who did the haircut for me was very attentive and meticulous to the haircut, my 0.5 fade was perfectly done to the point my wife suspect it was done by a robot.

hoondc hoondc

Professional and nice styles

October 31, 2022

Professional barber, highly skilled with the shaver. I had a very detailed and good cut. Good for barber style haircuts.

Ian L